ISIM messenger is everything you need to stay in touch with friends from Facebook, Google+ (Jabber) and ICQ. ISIM doesn't contains any advertisements or so much functions. It's distributed with source code under GNU GPLv.3 licence.

What ISIM gives to you?

  • chatting with anyone from protocols above in nice chat window with colorfull nicks and smileys
  • cotnact list with avatars, availability icons, unreaded messages indicator
  • complete source code


How to connect on facebook

  • To the facebook login box enter JID which can you find on your profile in the url adress:

    You can set it here:

ISIM is distributed under GNU GPLv.3 licence – so with source code which you can find here (czech only):…zdrojovy-kod

Comments, suggests, support are welcome and I'm waiting for them :)

Update: As MS ended SkypeKit in new version is no longer Skype available. But I've added clean Jabber and Elis easter egg :)


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